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  • Why is it in August and not the traditional May date?
    All English IMMs are held this weekend in August, and we are simply following the IMM rules.
  • Why is IMM2025 the first of its kind in the UK?
    Traditionally UK IMMs celebrate every fifth and tenth anniversary of the Mini’s launch back in 1959. These events include a one day ‘Mini Show’ on the Sunday. Due to the (Covid) postponement of the Italian and German IMMs, the 2025 English IMM is the first not to fall on a milestone anniversary. To reflect this, the IMM 2025 crew are seeking to bring you (as close to) a traditional European style IMM here in England. Therefore, day tickets will not be sold.
  • Some areas of the UK now have ultra-low emission zones (ULEZ), how will this affect my journey?
    The are many routes to East Sussex from all over the UK without needing to enter the London ULEZ area. From the cross-channel ferry ports you will not even get close to the ULEZ zones unless you choose to travel further inland from the IMM showground.
  • Can I book a trade stand pitch?
    Yes, trade stand pitches will go on-sale from October 2023. There are many options for covered or outdoor pitches. Please send us an enquiry from the website and we’ll forward details.
  • Can my club display their cars?
    As there is no Sunday show, we will have a display area in the central arena, plus the Show & Shine event.
  • I’m planning to attend the IMM and want to sell my spare / unwanted Mini parts?
    Bring them along, there will be a daily ‘trunk traders’ area with a nominal pitch charge.
  • Can my club all camp together?
    We aren’t allocating specific club areas. There is a large camping area, and you will need to save space (as needed) when you arrive. (We will generally fill the camping from the rear forwards). There are seven dedicated camping fields; each will be individually named, so if you arrive and want to join your friends, please advise the marshals of where you would like to go. Assuming there is space, you will be directed to the appropriate area.
  • I would like to camp, but am flying with limited luggage?
    No problem, when you book your ticket, there will be a link to a third party offering a selection of ‘turn-key’ camping options, including some with camp beds.
  • I’m camping on site and have specific requirements; can these be accommodated?
    We will have an accessible camping area as well as designated quiet and family camping fields, plus a dedicated caravan and motor home area. We’re also planning a separate field for later arrivals to reduce the need for driving though the display and trade areas.
  • Is there a theme night planned?
    Yes, we’re working on possible themes and will announce details once confirmed.
  • I’m trying to buy a ticket for IMM 2025, but can’t see how to do so?
    To comply with the IMM rules, UK tickets will be available via a link on our website from the IMM in Germany.
  • Will we be able to party?
    Absolutely! There will be a disco and / or live bands Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening.
  • Will there be anything for the young ones?
    We’re working to offer a ‘Kids Zone’ (children will need to be supervised at all times). Subject to the number of tickets sold; plans are under review.
  • My question isn’t on here!
    Please contact us direct – we’re happy to help! (
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